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Inspired by Max Böck.

Here I show off the blogs I read the most, and from them I learn the most. Currently, I'm discovering new interesting blogs, like on a daily basis, so this list is most probably going to grow.

a picture of Chris Ferdinandi

Chris Ferdinandi

Chris is the vanilla JS guy, who explains even more complicated stuff in a really simple and approachable way.

a picture of Jake Archibald

Jake Archibald

Jake is a comedian, uh, no... Developer, or both? Nonetheless, he writes and talks about the newest and coolest stuff in frontend development.

a picture of Manuel Matuzovic

Manuel Matuzovic

Manuel writes a lot about CSS and how it is often underestimated. His articles are often very impressive.

a picture of Marcus Herrmann

Marcus Herrmann

Marcus is a specialist for accessibility in combination with frontend Frameworks like React and Vue.

a picture of Max Böck

Max Böck

Max writes about concepts and strategies in web development and gets you in the right mindset with sometimes more personal posts.

a picture of Mike Riethmuller

Mike Riethmuller

Mike writes about the basics/fundamentals of CSS and JavaScript.

a picture of Sāra Soueidan

Sāra Soueidan

Sāra is the person for accessibility, SVG's and markup in general!

a picture of Tania Rascia

Tania Rascia

Tania writes articles that dive real deep into a topic, about many entirely different topics like React, PHP and Authentication.

a picture of Zach Leatherman

Zach Leatherman

Zach is the one who build the foundation for this Page, 11ty, and made, at least for me, the IndieWeb big.